Man Virgin


Lick cock, take it down

Open, open open fleshy lips

Fleshy flower

Yank nuts with paws

Smack balls

Spit shine prick

Work for a load

Guzzle the reward


Make the hairy mounds ache

Taunting nipples

With ringed vises

Swing back

Pounding chest

Yeah give it back

Give it back with a grimace

Seesaw bodies

Leg wrestling

Hip, ass and cock wrestling


Growl and beg

Throwing limbs out in tantrums

Of misplaced desire

Quell with a mouth and tongue

No holding of breath

Red purple pass out

This will not do

There is work to do


Follow the bones marching

Hear them shifting in the meat

Listen to them


Drop in line for this pilgrimage

The first pilgrimage of many


Cull the details

Of each expressive shift

Of formerly idling bodies


Twist to the summit

Sweat down the other side

Let it seep out slowly

Or horde it all

In a seeded greedy hole of new filth.

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