Aaron Pt.1

I work late once a week, it’s a pain to close up the department, and I hate lingering issues that have to be resolved before I can leave the building.  Most of the building is empty and I am still working away.  It’s getting close to 11 at night, and the side door to the back stairs swings open and in walks Aaron. He is a department manager for one of the other departments.  He always has a sexy grin, and is the kind of guy that would touch you gently as he passed you, hand on the shoulder, mostly. He has touched my waist before.

He stands at the door for a minute, waves and strides toward his desk further away on the floor.  His ass is so firm and tight as he struts. I lick my lips and am happy to have seen the quick glimpse at this hour.  He comes back by and heads to the bathroom. I want to follow him immediately, but resist.  How invasive would that be, getting hard listening to one of your coworkers drain his cock of piss.

I wait for him to come out, fiddling with papers that have nothing to do with anything.  He emerges from the bathroom, and calls out,

“Felix, what the hell are you still doing here, man?”  He approaches and sets his jacket on the desk near mine. “You got a lot of shit to do, or what, man?” Aaron sits on my desk, and I am noticing his crotch looks like it has enlarged in a short span of time.  He sees me looking, and I look back at my computer screen.

“We’ve been getting killed lately man.  Which is good, but you know I don’t want to be here until midnight.”  I look back at him.  I can see his hard on pressing against his zipper.  His legs spread with his arms across his chest.  I want it so bad, but he would have to ask as I could never do that. I look him in the face.  “What’s your deal?  Late night visits to the office.”

He smiles wide, and says.

“Well, I know you look at me.” He looks at his crotch, so hungry. ” What do you say, a little cock sucking break.  I see you looking at it and it’s all ready.”  He places his hand over his crotch, rubbing it casually.  “And I am so fucking horny man you don’t even know.” Words like blow job and horny coming out of Aaron’s mouth made me even crazier.  He is a sexual personal and I am mouth of opportunity. He is not someone to lay a trap. I accept.

“I am up for it, come with me.” It would have to be a dark and quiet cock sucking if we could manage it.  On the other side of a brick wall is an empty closet. I grab a desk chair and wheel it in, Aaron sits down and I close the door.

I kneel between his legs my hand now touching the thick mound between his thighs.  I pull up the white T-shirt he wears, unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans. Typically I see colored briefs, maybe boxer briefs, not tonight.   No underwear, just dark blonde hair and a prick and balls.  I can smell his stink as his zipper opens.  I kneel in, shoving my nose into his pubic hair, rubbing my face in it.  His cock is wide. I grip it and pull it from its denim bonds. I lift his dick in my hand, happily. He feels like a heavy weight. Aaron’s cock arches up and to the left.  Wide at the base it continues its girth out to the lovely tapered head.  He is already wet at his piss slit as I slid his head into my mouth.  Delicious, my temptation is to consume him in one fell swoop, but I slowly slide him inch by inch down my throat, feigning gagging on it, then pulling back.   Red, throbbing meat, I am ready to worship.  I bob up and down, tightening my lips at intervals.  He holds the back of my head and bounces me on his throbbing shaft.  I pull back and bathe his head with my tongue.   His sighs of pleasure make me lap even harder, tasting his leaking pre cum.  I play with his heavy sac all the while, wishing I could probe my fingers further under his balls to his stinky asshole.

I have heard him say “quit working my hole!” amongst his boys.

I would not quit working his hole, until I was done.

“You’ve got a talent for this.”

“I do.”

“This weekend my wife is going away to be with some girlfriends.  You want to get this cock up that sweet ass of yours?”  I slam my mouth on his cock again and he fucks my mouth again and again until I feel his cock pulse and unload a hot sticky load down the back of my throat. I think it would have splattered all over the wall of the closet had I not been a greedy bastard, wanting every salty thick drop.  His thighs are taut as my hands grip them.  Finally, the moment over, his sticky cock falls out.   I want him back in my mouth immediately. He smacks me in the mouth with his cock instead, which is just as satisfying.

He zips up and leaves the closet.


Friday phone call and I am in a nervous sweat.  Is it still on?

“Hey, how’s my little Felix Bitch Boy?” His voice purrs in my ear. I am instantly hard.


I don’t know what he can do, and he has no clue what I can do.


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